An Introduction

I am a graphic designer,
based in Columbus, Ohio.

I have over ten years of experience in print, branding, and digital design. My experience is primarily with business to business relationships, including five years of pharmaceutical and healthcare focus.

These are the things that I can do.

And I do them well.

Print Layout

A well-thought-out print piece, whether it is a newspaper ad or a multi-page brochure, can trigger conversations, provide the right information, and help make the sale.

Logo and Brand Development

Brand marks, typography decisions, colors and patterns, and other hallmarks are important details that define who a brand is and guide the conversations between brand and consumers.

Information Design

Facts and figures are more effective when they are easy to consume.

Website Layout

With a seemingly limitless potential, this is a touch point where simplicity, usability, and flexibility win.

iPad App Layout

A digital-based sales tool can help a brand representative give a clear and impactful presentation.

HTML and CSS Coding

Ok, you don't want me to actually code a website because it will take me forever and it probably still wouldn't work right, but I have the knowledge to set the development team up for success.

Some snippets of some recent work are below.

Contact me for a more in depth portfolio.